Consent Navigator

Informed consent is more than just a signature on a page. It's about true understanding and the provision of clear and adequate information to support a patient or their caregiver to make an informed decision. Studies utilizing educational videos to support the consent process show dramatic results on both recruitment and retention.


Longboat's Consent Navigator provides a series of short video animations to educate the patient to ensure truly informed consent.


Prospective patients can view the videos in the clinic with a site staff member or in the comfort of their own home with their families or support network, on any device, in their language.

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"FDA believes that obtaining a research participant's verbal or written informed consent is only part of the process."

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Patient Centricity

To truly achieve patient-centric informed consent, materials need to be adapted to the needs of the specific patients that will participate in a trial. Consent forms and Patient Information Leaflets are often dry and text-heavy documents.

Converting these documents to engaging and clear video content supports patients to review the materials at their own pace in order for them to make an informed decision on what trial participation means for them.


Reduce Site Burden

The consent conversation isn't easy for clinical site staff. It may be the first time that the patient has heard about clinical trials and the informed consent process, let alone the intricacies of that individual study.

Tools that support the site staff to set a consistent baseline understanding for all patients in a study reduces the burden on the sites and helps to address many of the typical questions site staff may receive.


Patient Retention

In a comparison of patients who completed or dropped out of a study, 35% of patients who dropped out said it was difficult to understand the informed consent form.

An effective informed consent process means that patients have a clear understanding about what trial participation entails, which improves patient retention and sets clear expectations for the patient from the beginning.